Citizenship is something that can not be choosen at
birth. However, nowadays investing in an alternative
passport can be a powerful tool. Nationality can oblige
as well as privilege, and taxation can be a serious cut in
earnings. Therefore a second passport acquisition have
become an indispensable deal for businessmen and
entrepreneurs all around the world.

While some programs offer the possibility of gaining
citizenship in exchange for an approved business or real
estate investment as well as including the whole family
members, some more affordable options are possible by
making a contribution to a government development
fund starting from USD$ 100,000.

Depending on requirements, Caribbean and European
passports can give access to more than 120 countries
including UK, Shengen area, Hong Kong, Singapore.
Traveling, healthcare, education are only some tangible
attributes, the real value of this investment is security.
Citizenship by investment is a way of solving problems
and gaining profits. A deal that allows to obtain a
second nationality in a matter of months and improve
life for the better. It is a purchase of splendor available
for the lucky few.

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