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RIF Trust CEO, Mimoun A. Assraoui, interviewed by CNBC Arabia

RIF Trust CEO, Mimoun A. Assraoui, interviewed by CNBC Arabia

On November 25th 2019, in the midst of Sir Anthony Ritossa's 10th Anniversary Global Family Office Investment Summit, RIF Trust’s CEO, Mimoun A. Assraoui, conducted an interview with CNBC Arabia discussing the Citizenship and Residency-by-Investment industry & RIF Trust’s commitment to ensuring freedom of travel, and his thoughts on the Ritossa Summit as a whole.

Q) Let’s start with the RIF Trust business, what is your main business experience and what are the services you offer your clients?

A) Thank you for that good question. I’ll start with the industry. People are becoming increasingly more aware of the investment migration industry in general and it is still a growing industry. Our industry can be summarized as a monetary donation or investment, usually in real estate, to a country that offers Citizenship or Residency-by-Investment programmes. If the country offers a Citizenship-by-Investment programme, then the ROI is a second passport. If it is one of the countries that offers Residency-by-Investment programmes, the result is a permanent residency and/or a golden visa.

We have seen that trend growing from the Caribbean to Europe to the Pacific. Our industry now represents around $10 billion.

RIF Trust started seven years ago as two people and now I am happy to say that we are 50 employees. We have offices globally with 25 of our employees spread out between those international offices and 25 experts in our Dubai office. Just last month, we received the “Best Residency and Citizenship by investment Advisory” award at the BURJ CEO Awards 2019, which was a great honor and recognition for our company.

Q) Yes, it is really a great acknowledgement. So, we can say you provide greater freedom for people to travel. Why is this so important? Not just for personal life but also for business and so on?

A) Our motto is “Hello Freedom” and we see it as a human right to be able to travel freely without boundaries. We empower freedom with a primary aim of allowing our clients to become global citizens. Our second goal is to improve the lives of each of our clients. We accomplish this by helping them live in a world without boundaries, enabling them to realize all the potential opportunities in their lives, and the lives of their families, like international business opportunities, stronger educational opportunities, and better healthcare. Empowering freedom is our passion and we are so very pleased when our clients become are our global brand ambassadors. They travel all around the world and send us pictures to show their gratitude and are able to happily live out their new lease on life. This is what motivates me and the rest of the team as well.

Q) What do you think about the Ritossa summit after attending not only this year’s edition but also previous editions throughout the years? What is a key factor of its success?

A) I first attended the summit six years ago and we come back every year because of the quality. To maintain such a high level of attractiveness is a clear indication that the organization, the people coming here, and the interest is of a very high standard. The summit represents future investments, showing where family offices are investing their money and obviously leading to partnerships and collaborations. It is a small, quality inner circle and this is what makes it a success. It may be a growing industry, but at the same time you know who you are dealing with and this is what is important in family offices and in our industry.

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