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RIF Trust’s “Culture of Care” Supporting Moroccan Children in Need

RIF Trust’s “Culture of Care” Supporting Moroccan Children in Need

Corporate social responsibility is a major pillar of RIF Trust. Through our “culture of care”, we are committed to ensuring we are changing the lives of people each day. It is especially important to support our most vulnerable members of society.

Early this year, RIF Trust’s CEO, Mimoun A. Assraoui, visited La Crèche de Tanger Nursery (La Crèche), a non-profit organization in Tangier, Morocco dedicated to caring for and raising orphaned newborns and children.

On behalf of RIF Trust, Mimoun gave a generous donation to La Crèche to support the further education and welfare of the 109 orphans at the nursery.

Since 1989, La Creche has cared for close to 2,000 children. Their 2020 vision is to refurbish a centre within a local hospital to support orphans with mental or physical disabilities. The centre will ensure that these children will receive the specific care they require to allow them to better integrate into society.

“I truly believe in RIF Trust's "culture of care" as it extends to supporting all global communities and ensures we are committed to making an impact in the places that need it the most. When I came across La Crèche de Tanger Nursery and witnessed all the great work they were doing, I knew that we should definitely get involved and help them achieve their mission to aid children in need," said Mimoun.