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RIF Trust unveils its ‘Certified Agent of RIF Trust’ (CART) Programme

RIF Trust unveils its ‘Certified Agent of RIF Trust’ (CART) Programme

Key points:

  • With an estimated value of US$21.4 billion, the investment migration industry is booming globally and expected to reach US$100 billion by 2025
  • CART empowers its exclusive partners with industry expertise and innovative tools

During this pandemic, with several core industries faltering, many jobs being lost, and limitations on travel being imposed, the ‘investment migration industry’ that involves obtaining a second passport or residency through investment is booming in the Middle East and Africa. The butterfly effect of the pandemic is that highly connected individuals who work with HNW clients, often in real estate or banking, are now partnering with leading investment migration firms to secure an additional stream of revenue.

To meet rapidly increasing demand in the Middle East, RIF Trust, part of the Latitude Group, an international leading residency and citizenship by investment advisory, has recently introduced its ‘Certified Agent of RIF Trust’ (CART) Programme. Through a series of in-depth training sessions and an array of bespoke tools at their fingertips, the CART programme will empower RIF’s exclusive partners to thrive in the lucrative investment migration industry and create an additional revenue stream.

Experts estimate the value of the investment migration market worldwide to be US$21.4 billion in revenue and expect it to reach US$100 billion by 2025 if the 23% growth trend persists, according to a special report published by Investment Migration Insider. 

Industry-leading support and innovative tools

RIF Trust’s dedicated B2B team is led by industry veterans David Regueiro, Ranny Muasher and Mohammad Motavasel, with a collective 25 years of experience, offering 24/7 industry leading support for all its CART partners. The CART programme ensures partners are given comprehensive live or online training on the leading citizenship and EU residency programmes available. 

“In addition to offering our partners new online payment options for clients, we are also giving our CART partners access to a new innovative feature – the Programme Estimate Tool (PET). Unlike other widely available tools that give a general price a client can expect to pay, the PET gives RIF’s partners the power to instantly generate and share a 100% accurate and detailed quotation for a client from any desktop or mobile which includes the staged payments. The PET is automatically updated each day with any regulatory or price changes ensuring the tool can be a trusted resource,” explains Group COO David Regueiro.

Association with a government licensed company with a global presence

RIF Trust is a proud government-authorised and licensed agent for each of the programmes that it offers.

With its headquarters based in Dubai, the company is an international leading advisory that operates offices in 14 different countries including Anguilla, Brazil, Canada, China, Cyprus, Germany, Lebanon, Malta, Montenegro, Portugal, South Korea, UAE, UK and Vietnam.

An additional revenue stream for agents

CART is designed to provide a sustainable additional revenue stream for partners with access to high net worth individuals.

“I am delighted to have completed the CART programme and to now be a CART partner. I have been able to tap into my existing client network and I am expecting to sign quite a few deals this year”, exclaims Pablo Ferreira - CART partner.”