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Rael Kwammasi Ngome

Regional Strategic Business Partner – East Africa

Rael, a visionary and enterprising individual, has left an indelible mark as a strategic business partner in various capacities including Business Development, Customer Success, B2B, Consultative Selling, and Client Relationship Management. Her early experiences exposed her to the challenges and untapped potential of emerging markets, fuelling her entrepreneurial spirit and desire to effect transformative change.

As the Regional Strategic Partner- East Africa at RIF Trust, Rael focuses on building trust, cultivating relationships, and fostering a shared vision among stakeholders and clients to drive financial success.

Leveraging her consultative selling skills, she identifies strategic opportunities, analyzes market trends, and devises innovative strategies to overcome barriers to entry. Her ability to navigate complex regulatory frameworks and adapt to the ever-changing landscapes distinguishes her as an invaluable partner in the emerging East African RCBI market.


BA (Procurement), MBA (Strategic Planning & Management), FPWM