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About Us

Citizenship-by-investment is a relatively new industry, and our team are pioneers. The values we stand for are outstanding service, smooth process and transparency. 

We look to the future with optimism. Our vision of an ideal world is a place with no borders, and we see RIF Trust as somewhere we can make that happen for you.

Our History

Founded in the financial heart of Dubai, RIF Trust is born from the need to provide greater freedom to travel and asset optimization for High Net Worth Individuals.

The name RIF Trust is inspired by the mountainous region of North Africa, a place known for its people with high moral standards and the desire to explore.

Quality Service

RIF Trust has already helped hundreds of clients, and we are proud to have not let any of them down. We have a 100% completion rate.

Our mission is to expand, grow and satisfy the needs of our clients by bringing them market leading solutions and programs.

The Latitude Group

To compliment RIF Trust's ongoing pursuit to provide an unrivalled service for our clients, we have recently partnered with a leading citizenship & residency consultancy, Latitude.

Latitude's leadership team features some of the pioneers of the citizenship-by-investment industry. Their experienced team provide us with a high level of support, ensuring clients who choose RIF Trust benefit from the local knowledge and global relationships formed by both advisory teams.

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Government Partners

RIF Trust only provides programs supported by governments; we deal directly with our governmental partners, not intermediaries.

We are government authorised agents for seven of the most powerful programs, allowing us to provide the most competitive prices and the best conditions for our clients.

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