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What does Grenada citizenship look like? Lying just outside of the hurricane belt, Grenada is a country of lush, tropical forests, stunning waterfalls, and gorgeous sandy beaches.

As well as allowing you the chance to settle on a beautiful island, Grenada citizenship guarantees you and your family visa-free travel to 155 countries.

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Entrepreneurs can invest in government-approved projects like Ora Caribbean’s Silversands resort. Investments ascend from a $220,000 share of its Beach House property to $7+ million to own one of its luxury villas outright.

Benefits of Grenada

The Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme, notably, does not require applicants to relocate or even visit the country to apply.

In cases where applications are routine and all requirements are met, you can expect to receive your Grenada citizenship within 6-12 months.

You can add children up to the age of 30 and parents over the age of 55 to your application, thereby expanding the eligibility criteria for family members.

Citizens of Grenada, moreover, don’t pay foreign income, wealth, or inheritance taxes on their worldwide wealth.

Who Can Get Grenada Citizenship

  • Firstly, be over 18 years old
  • Secondly, not have spent more than six months in prison
  • Thirdly, be solvent
  • Lastly, have a clean bill of health

  • Firstly, be at least 18 years old
  • Secondly, not have been convicted of a custodial sentence exceeding 6 months in prison
  • Lastly, have a clean health record

  • Up to the age of 30 may be included

  • Over 55

  • Unmarried and, also, without children

Programme Requirements

To apply for the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme, you must fulfill ONE of the following investment options, as well as meet other requirements:

OPTION 1. Invest in the National Transformation Fund (NTF)

The first Citizenship by Investment option involves an NTF contribution of $150,000 for you as the main applicant, $200,000 for you and your spouse, $200,000 for you and up to three dependants, and $25,000 for any additional dependant.

Additionally, you and your family members must also pay application fees of $1,500 per application. Furthermore, there are due diligence fees of $5,000 for you, $5,000 for your spouse, and $5,000 for dependents aged 17 and above. Moreover, there are additional $1,500 processing fees for those over 18 and $500 for those under 18.

OPTION 2. Contribute to Approved Real Estate Projects

To qualify under the property option, you must either buy a $220,000 share in an approved real estate project or invest $350,000 in such a project. In either case, the real estate must be held for at least five years from the date your citizenship is granted.

Moreover, you must also pay government fees of $50,000 for a family of up to four and $25,000 for every additional dependent if buying a share. Likewise, the other real estate option requires the same amount for government fees.

In addition, there are additional application fees of $1,500 per person, as well as due diligence fees of $5,000 for everybody aged 17 or above, and $1,500 processing fees per those over 18 and $500 for those under 18.

Other Requirements and Benefits

As a Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme applicant, you must:

  • Firstly, renew your passport every 5 years
  • Additionally, becoming a Grenadian citizen gives you access to China and the chance to qualify for an E2 Investor Visa after residing in the country for 3 years

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The RIF Trust team has global experts in over 20 countries. We can advise in 14 languages. Let us help you find the perfect investment migration solution.

The RIF Trust team has global experts in over 20 countries. We can advise in 14 languages. Let us help you find the perfect investment migration solution.

Application Process

  • MONTH 1

    Client onboarding process

    We commence our process with Form 1. Subsequently, this enables us to carry out the initial RIF Trust due diligence. Following this screening process, we will provide you with a Client Agreement (CA) to review and sign.

    Upon receiving the signed agreement and retainer payment, then our legal team will complete all necessary government forms and supporting documents. If you make a property investment, at that point, you will need to execute a sales and purchase agreement with the developer. We will liaise with the property developer and the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Committee (CBIC) on your behalf.

  • MONTHS 2-5

    Application review and submission

    Before submitting your documents, we comprehensively review your application to ensure your file complies with the CBIC's requirements. Once this review is complete, our legal team will perform its final checks before submitting the relevant forms.

    The CBIC will undertake its own due diligence and review all the paperwork. Throughout this stage, we will continue to work closely with them to ensure your application is timely and efficiently processed.

  • MONTHS 6-12

    Citizenship issued

    The CBIC will assess your application. Once it receives approval, you must make all necessary contributions and pay any applicable government fees.

    Following this step, you will be able to apply for a Grenadian passport which will see you have to worry about visa requirements less when travelling. Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) matters will be a less of a concern for you after you join the lists of Grenada passport holders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Grenada, a sovereign state consisting of seven islands in the south-eastern Caribbean, is situated off the north coast of Venezuela. It has a population of 107,000 and covers an area of 344 sq. km.

Furthermore, Grenada is a member of Caricom and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States. Additionally, it is part of the Commonwealth of Nations. Notably, citizens of Grenada don’t pay foreign income, wealth, or inheritance taxes on their worldwide wealth. Consequently, they enjoy visa-free travel to 155 countries.

Aside from boasting stunning scenery and delightful temperatures, there are multiple other benefits for investors considering citizenship in Grenada. These advantages include:

  • The ability to travel visa-free to 155 countries
  • No physical residency requirements in order to obtain your Grenada passport
  • The option to include family members on applications and transfer citizenship to new spouses and future generations
  • Additionally, there are no restrictions on dual citizenship in Grenada

The Grenada citizenship programme requires a minimum donation of $150,000, or a property purchase starting from $220,000. Furthermore, there will also be additional due diligence fees as part of the application process.

In order to make an application for Grenada Citizenship by Investment, you must be over the age of 18, have no criminal record, and be in good health.

Upon receiving your Grenada passport, you will be able to travel visa-free to 155 countries including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK, and the Schengen Area.

Grenada allows visa-free access to China, and also has an E-2 Investor Visa Treaty with the United States, meaning Grenadian citizens are eligible to apply for a non-immigrant visa when they have spent three years on the island.

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  • Visa-free travel to 155 countries
  • 6-12 months application processing time
  • $150,000 minimum requirement

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