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The senior management team has over 20 years’ experience in the industry, bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience and insight to every stage of the program design process, including:

  • Planning, preparation and domestic public relations communication
  • Industry stakeholder engagement
  • Legal and regulatory outline
  • Implementing transparent structures and operations at the highest international standards
  • Coordinated sourcing of investors internationally
  • Implementing multi-tier due diligence procedures and systems
  • Engaging independent audits and inter-government reviews
  • Ensuring full public accountability and disclosure

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Our Experience

  • 2002

    Lead contributor to the redesign of the Canadian Immigrant Investor Program, thereby creating a new and thriving market for the world-renowned Federal IIP.

  • 2005

    Creator of new financing provisions under the UK Tier 1 (Investor) Rules leading to a tenfold increase in the number of applicants to the UK.

  • 2012

    Lead contributor to the design, set-up and launch of the Government of Antigua and Barbuda’s Citizenship-by-Investment program.

  • 2013

    Lead contributor to the design, implementation and launch of the Malta Individual Investor Program.

  • 2016

    Lead contributor to the consortium winner under a tender for the Canadian Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Project.

  • 2017

    Lead contributor to the design, set-up and launch of Grenada’s Citizenship-by-Investment Program.

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