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Why Partner with RIF Trust?

Flexibility is ingrained in RIF Trust's DNA and our ethos, contributing to our success. Our extensive corporate strategy provides a variety of partnership solutions.


Industry-leading commissions for our CART members and Agents of RIF Trust. For our IM Partners, RIF Trust will provide you with a competitive base price with access to higher government commissions – enabling you to earn at the highest possible levels.


We adapt to your needs. From bespoke training sessions to white-labelled marketing materials available in several languages, RIF Trust is flexible to your needs. This empowers our partners with the tools and support to succeed.


RIF Trust has offices in 20+ countries, including the UAE, UK, China, Malta, Canada, India, and the USA. We are where your clients are, and we are ready to provide local expertise with a global network of support behind us.


RIF Trust is led by experienced pioneers in the industry. Our executive team have advised several governments on developing or refining their investment migration programmes.


Our dedicated B2B team promises the full support of the organization to each of their partners. This includes in-depth product training, exclusive online tools, application preparation and processing support, document attestation, government liaison assistance and after-care services.

B2B Partnership Solutions

Our B2B partnerships offer significant benefits, including expanded reach, access to new resources and expertise, increased competitiveness, and growth opportunities, ultimately driving success in the marketplace.

This comprehensive offering from RIF Trust encompasses a wide range of services primarily focused on back-office processing and legal support for professionals in the investment migration/immigration industry. By partnering with RIF Trust, industry practitioners gain access to various benefits.

RIF Trust enables its partners to unlock access to higher government commissions, providing them with enhanced financial incentives for their efforts. Our industry-leading support includes assistance with application preparation, meticulous processing, document attestation, and thorough due diligence.

Through our partnership, RIF Trust empowers practitioners to navigate the industry's complexities confidently, ensuring they have the necessary tools and support to deliver exceptional service to their clients.

Our expertise and resources allow practitioners to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and achieve optimal outcomes in their investment migration/immigration endeavours.

Our Introducer Programme provides a seamless solution for professionals and organizations within the RIF Trust network with extensive networks of high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) and families who prefer a more hands-off approach. Agents can make warm introductions, and RIF Trust 's dedicated B2B team will handle all related aspects.

From introducing our services to overseeing the application process and facilitating the acquisition of desired documents such as second citizenship or residency, the RIF Trust team handles it all. Our agents are kept consistently updated on the progress of their introductions, giving them peace of mind and the freedom to choose their level of involvement.

Through the Introducer Program, RIF Trust ensures agents can focus on their core competencies while leveraging our expertise and resources. This collaborative approach allows for a streamlined and efficient process, delivering exceptional service and results to the introducer and their referred clients.

CART is the certification programme for those professionals with a network of HNWIs who wish to be more involved with the process. RIF Trust, will provide training, access to industry-leading tools, extremely competitive commission structures, and white-labelled marketing materials. Each CART member will receive the full support of a dedicated RIF Trust CART advisor and periodic training updates.

An industry-first – RIF Trust's B2B Team will provide consulting services to firms wishing to expand their offering by establishing a dedicated Residency and Citizenship by Investment (RCBI) vertical.

As the world has witnessed the exponential growth of the RCBI industry, many real estate brokerages, wealth management companies, and financial service firms have begun to add additional verticals to service their client's needs with respect to RCBI.

RIF Trust is proud to lend its expertise and help our partners develop the strategies, internal teams, processes, and marketing tools to serve their clients.

At RIF Trust, we offer many RCBI programs worldwide at better pricing thanks to high case submissions from us and our partners.

Our readily available RCBI programs require no extra investment, and we provide easy, bespoke and white-listed digital tools.

With a dedicated 24/7 B2B team, we work with firms of all sizes, from large immigration firms to single operators.

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