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Our History

RIF Trust is an expert in providing international citizenship and residency solutions. In 2013, the company was founded to help HNWIs and their families to obtain greater freedom to travel, a better lifestyle, and expand their businesses abroad.

RIF Trust is a government-approved partner and an authorized agent of the world’s most powerful residency and citizenship programmes, such as Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Malta, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and St Lucia.

RIF Trust is led by investment migration pioneer Mimoun Assraoui, who is the CEO and is committed to breaking down the barriers of international living. The company’s COO, David Regueiro Santalla,  epitomizes the global ethos of transparency, approachability, and innovation.

Government Advisory

RIF Trust, serves as a strategic consultant to sovereign states in the field of investment migration.

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RIF Trust is a highly-regarded strategic advisor to numerous sovereign states, specializing in the field of investment migration. With an impressive track record spanning over 10 years, our company has established itself as a leader in this sector.

We frequently organize and facilitate workshops with governments across the globe, aiming to provide a comprehensive overview of the investment migration industry. These workshops also serve to identify key push and pull factors that attract HNWIs to invest in specific countries. Additionally, we conduct thorough feasibility studies to assess the viability of implementing citizenship and residency programmes in various locations.

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Our Team

Our 100+ global team members provide personalized client-based solutions for your unique situations and goals.

Meet all the team
Mimoun Assraoui

Mimoun Assraoui

Chief Executive Officer

David Regueiro

David Regueiro

Chief Operating Officer

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Partnering with RIF Trust, offers a range of benefits to businesses. If you’re looking to expand your reach and deliver value to your customers, contact us. As a leading provider of residency and citizenship solutions, we have a deep understanding of the global market. We can offer partners unique insights and expertise.
Another key benefit is our marketing and sales support. Our dedicated team will work with you to create customized marketing materials and sales strategies. We tailor these to your specific needs and objectives.
We also offer training and certification programmes that can help partners upskill. This will help you stay competitive in an ever-changing market. Our experts provide ongoing support and advice to ensure you deliver the highest level of service to your customers.
Partnering with RIF Trust can help you unlock new opportunities, expand your capabilities, and differentiate yourselves in a crowded market. We remain committed to excellence, innovation, and customer service. This makes us an ideal partner for companies looking to achieve their goals and deliver value to their customers.

Worldwide Offices

RIF Trust, operates in 20+ countries globally, offering expert advice and guidance in 14 languages.

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