Visa-free travel to 139 countries
Dual citizenship allowed
No physical stay required
Contribution options from US$100,000
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Introducing Dominica

Dominica is an island of remarkably unspoilt beauty, where lush, green forests roll across hills that stretch from shore to shore. English is the nation's official language, but French is also spoken widely.

Dominica's Citizenship-by-Investment Program has straightforward requirements and offers many advantages. A $100,000 donation, or a $200,000 property purchase on the island, establishes Dominican citizenship for the whole family, including children and parents. Naturally background checks are undertaken, but they are completed quickly and a decision is usually made within eight weeks of your application.

Dominica Citizenship Benefits

  • Visa-free travel to over 139 countries
  • UK, Singapore, Schengen Area and more
  • Dual citizenship allowed
  • No physical stay required
  • Confidential application process
  • No personal income tax
  • Corporate tax incentives
  • No repatriation of profits restrictions
  • Generous tax relief benefits
  • Duty free trading in Caribbean
Capital city: Roseau
Languages: English (official), French, Dominican and Antillean Creole
Visa free countries: 139
Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar
Total area: 750 km²
Population: 73,900 (2017)
Nearest country: Martinique (94km)
Time zone: Eastern Caribbean (UTC-04:00)

Citizenship by Investment

Route to Dominica Citizenship

Applicants must fulfil ONE of the following two options:

Option 1: Donation to Economic Diversification Fund
  • Single Applicant: US$100,000
  • Applicant + Spouse: US$175,000
  • Applicant + Spouse + 2 Children: US$200,000
Option 2: Real Estate
  • Minimum investment from US$200,000 in a government approved real estate development

Applicants must:

  • Be of outstanding character.
  • Hold no criminal record.
  • Have excellent health.

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