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Press Releases Date: 26 September, 2018

Latitude and Arton Capital sign MOU with Government of Anguilla

Latitude and Arton Capital sign MOU with Government of Anguilla

Latitude Consultancy and Arton Capital, two leading firms in the investment migration industry, have joined forces to form a Consortium. This has led to them signing a MOU with the Government of Anguilla. They have established a new agency designed to attract high-value residents to the Caribbean island’s shores. You will be able to claim residency through residency-by-investment and tax residency programmes.

Teaming Up

Eric Major and Christopher Willis founded Latitude last year. With this development, they secire the company’s first government mandate. Together with Ken Ing, Latitude’s Head Legal Counsel, the firm’s government advisory team has a combined 75 years of experience in this highly-specialized industry. They help to raise direct foreign investments to participating countries. Latitude is RIF Trust’s Latitude Group partner.

Eric Major explains: “With the help of the Consortium, the Government will be establishing a new promotional agency that aims to attract foreign direct investments to the country, primarily by encouraging ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) and families to establish residency in Anguilla.”

“However, it is not just about attracting money to Anguilla, but also those individuals who have the global networks and business acumen that can bring important ancillary benefits which are so highly desired. Once the promotional agency is up and running early next year, we will be ready to promote Anguilla internationally”.

Founded by Armand Arton, Arton Capital is a leading force in the industry’s proliferation and innovation. “Competition is high, but we believe Anguilla can offer an attractive proposition that caters to a niche-market of ultra-high net worth individuals” states Armand Arton.

Hon. Chief Minister and Minister of Finance Victor Banks says: “The Government is happy to be involved with Latitude Consultancy and Arton Capital in moving this initiative forward, and we are very fortunate to partner with them in this enterprise. They are the experts and have knowledge of the players and small economies like Anguilla which cannot survive without foreign direct investment of one kind or the other.

Tax residency will be one of the Agency’s primary offerings. It will be tailored towards UHNWIs. If you’re looking for compliant and tax-efficient solutions in a complex world of tax rules and regulations, Anguilla is a perfect fit.

About Latitude

A new generation of wealthy elite have ambitions that reach far beyond the limitations of national borders. They live in a connected world, with a global outlook. Latitude’s team of specialists offer leading insight and expertise to investors. We serve clients who are prepared to make an important economic contribution. In return, they gain residency or citizenship privileges in a selected country.

Latitude also provides government advisory services by helping nations create residency and citizenship-by-investment programmes. These attract a privileged segment of the world population to their shores. Our internationally-recognised team have over 75 years of combined experience in the Investment Migration industry.

We have an unrivalled international network of clients and institutional relationships, combined with complementary ancillary services from our global financial services partner. But what makes us really stand out from the crowd is our approach. We offer genuinely innovative products, competitively-priced services, and customer-driven, hands-on delivery. You expect the world – we deliver it.

For further details, contact Eric Major on +44 1534 868 201 or at

Latitude and Arton Capital sign MOU with Government of Anguilla

Date: 26 September, 2018

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