High standards of living
Proven path to Canadian Citizenship
Attractive business environment
Investment option from CAD$1.2 million
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Introducing Canada

Canada is a G7 country with one of the world's best performing economies over the past decade. As the world’s second largest country, it is also rich in natural resources, including the world's second largest oil reserves and fourth largest supply of fresh water.

Canada provides a family-friendly lifestyle, with several world-class cities that provide well diversified business environments, vibrant social scenes and cultural events. It has an excellent education system with numerous private schools and elite universities. Five of the world’s top 100 business schools are also in Canada.

Canada Residency Benefits

  • World-class healthcare & education
  • Low crime rates
  • Low level of corruption
  • Attractive business environment
  • Canadian citizenship after four years
  • Full family residency
  • Clean natural resources
  • High standard of living
Capital city: Ottawa
Languages: English, French
Visa free countries: 171 (for citizens)
Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD) $
Total area: 9,984,670 km²
Population: 36.29 million
Nearest country: US
Time zone: Canada has six time zones (UTC -3.5 to -8)

Citizenship by Investment

Route to Canada Residency

To qualify for residency, applicants must meet the following criteria:


Applicants may select one of two options:

  • Full Investment - CAD $1.2 million in government bonds held for a period of five years


  • Financed Investment - CAD $350,000 (non-recoverable) paid to a financial intermediary who purchases the government bonds on behalf of the client
Personal Requirements

Applicants must:

  • Minimum net worth of CAD $2 million
  • Demonstrate an intention to settle in Québec
  • Minimum two years of business experience within the last five years 
  • Provide documents supporting the source and origin of invested funds


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