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Caribbean, News feed Date: 09 February, 2023

Discover the Best 7 Beaches in Antigua

Discover the Best 7 Beaches in Antigua

Discover the Best 7 Beaches in Antigua

How do you choose which beach to visit on an island that has one for each day of the year? 

Due to Antigua’s small size, you’ll never be far from a soft, powdery sand shoreline. Each of Antigua’s beaches has its own unique charm and characteristics. 

Satisfy your beach lust no matter what kind of traveler you are whether a honeymooner, solo sun-seeker, business traveler, or visiting as a family, with our guide to the top seven beaches in Antigua.


365 Beaches – Where to Start?

Whether you’re visiting the stunning island of Antigua as a break from work, to re-energise, or enjoying some quality time with a partner or your family, the choice of beaches is endless.

1. Dickenson Bay

Good for: Couples – Families – Adventure – Food

A beach that has earned the love of both visitors and locals, due to its size, accessibility, and range of activities and services offered, Dickenson Bay is a true gem. 

Boasting a mile-long stretch of turquoise waters, Dickenson Bay offers opportunities for beachgoers who prefer a little more action than merely sauntering from a beach bed to the crystal shoreline. with a range of watersports, restaurants, cafes, and bars. The beach is also home to a natural reef with abundant marine life including colourful fish and coral. 

A number of luxurious all-inclusive hotel resorts are mere steps from this stunning beach, so if ease is crucial to your holiday plans, Dickenson Bay should be on your itinerary. 

2. Ffryes Beach

Good for: Families – Couples

Situated on the west coast, Ffryes beach is an ideal place for couples or families looking for a tranquil escape away from busier beaches. The quieter nature of this breath-taking stretch of sun and sand means the entire family can play or relax here. 

This incredible destination is popular for families with children as the shore has a gentle slope and shallow waters – making for a perfect setting for beginner swimmers.

When you need a break from sunbathing or swimming in the crystalline waters, pop down to the beach bar and restaurant, offering a delicious range of indigenous foods and international delicacies.

3. Darkwood Bay

Good for: Couples – Families – Snorkeling

Just south of Ffyres Beach is Darkwood Bay. Ask any local or regular visitor to Antigua what their favourite beach on the island is and you’ll receive a resounding answer – Darkwood Bay. 

An idyllic spot that is a little less developed than the north coast beaches, Darkwood Bay lends itself to those who are visiting the island for snorkeling, due to the neatly tucked away reef.

This bay is a perfect beach set-up for those who want to enjoy a slice of paradise without an abundance of resort goers. 

4. Pink Sand Beach

Good for: Solo Travelers – Snorkeling – Couples

The name of this stunning beach is a little deceptive, as Pink Sand Beach doesn’t always emanate the pink hue the name suggests. The shoreline mainly gleams pink when the waves deposit the pearlescent pink shells onto the sand. 

Despite this, it is still posited as one of the best beaches on the island due to its quiet nature, ideal for those seeking peace and quiet, either alone or with a loved one.

The sublime waters offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy water adventures such as snorkeling. The waters in this area are protected by reefs which make for ideal conditions for deep-sea diving. 

5. Fort James Beach

Good for: Solo Travelers – Families – Watersports

Fort James Beach offers the perfect solution for those who need a quick escape to paradise. Situated just a few minutes’ drive from the cruise port, this incredible beach is remarkably close to the city. 

So, for those who require some vitamin ‘sea’ and want to momentarily escape from the hustle and bustle of the town, Fort James is the ideal location. 

The beach is also renowned for the variety of activities on offer, including volleyball, beach cricket, snorkeling, and kayaking. Or, if you want to step away from the beach for a while, you can immerse yourself in history by visiting the neighbouring Fort James ruins – recommended during sunset for its sublime scenes.

This exquisite beach is loved for its accessibility via cab, private transfer or by car, with extensive parking available. 

6. Half Moon Bay

Good for: Couples – Families – Watersports

Deriving its name from the crescent shape of the shoreline, Half Moon Bay is perfect for those seeking pure-white sand, crystal-clear waters, and a fantastic combination of calm waters with choppier surf, ideal for sports.  

Half Moon Bay is located on the Southeastern coast of Antigua and is popular with visitors and locals alike. 

There are calm areas of water, perfect for cooling off with a gentle swim, as well as choppier areas, ideal for wakeboarding and bodysurfing.  

7. Pigeon Point Beach

Good for: Families – Couples – History – Shopping

Looking for a beach that has it all? Pigeon Point Beach ticks every box. 

Popular for sailing, socializing, and families. The variation of offerings is something that draws visitors from across the island. Visit the Nelson’s Dockyard heritage site, where you can see a working dockyard that was once the home of Horatio Nelson, or keep the children entertained in the family-friendly playground surrounded by shops and restaurants. 

Not only does it offer all of this, but also has the added benefit of crystal-clear waters lapping creamy-white sand, perfect for an afternoon of relaxation.


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Discover the Best 7 Beaches in Antigua

Date: 09 February, 2023

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