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Caribbean, News feed Date: 26 June, 2020

Dominica Amends Citizenship Programme

Dominica Amends Citizenship Programme

The trend continues with another Caribbean government amending their Citizenship-by-Investment Programme (CIP) regulations. Dominica has announced several changes, including the expansion of their definition of dependants, citizenship by marriage/descent. and specific enhancements. These will ensure the programme remains highly attractive if you’re seeking second citizenship.

Expanding the Definition of Dependants:

  • You may include children aged between 18 and 30 years of age in an application without them being enrolled in post-secondary school. All that needs to be shown is that you support them.
  • The Government also introduced a new ‘sibling’ category. Siblings of your or your spouse, who are between 18 and 25, single, and childless can qualify as a dependant.

Citizenship by Marriage and Descent:

  • After an applicant has been approved for citizenship, they can now add their future children or spouse as citizens.
  • If the son or daughter of the main applicant subsequently marry or have children of their own, they may also apply for citizenship.

Programme Enhancements

  • In addition to the passport, you will now receive additional identification documents with biometrics, including a National ID, Tax ID and a Driver’s License.
  • Applicants will also receive a highly-regarded Certificate of Naturalisation.

“The changes we are announcing are exciting. They are meant to accelerate family reunification in a world where togetherness, and the right to all be able to live in a safe, stable, and welcoming environment is more important than ever,” remarks Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit.

These amendments confirm that the Dominica CIP will remain competitive within the Caribbean region.

For further details about the Dominica CIP, don’t delay and contact us today.


Dominica Amends Citizenship Programme

Date: 26 June, 2020

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