Fitch Ratings Report Underlines Strength of the Malta Economy
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Europe, News feed Date: 19 March, 2024

Fitch Ratings Report Underlines Strength of the Malta Economy

Fitch Ratings Report Underlines Strength of the Malta Economy

On Friday, March 15, 2024, Fitch Ratings released a rating action relating to Malta. This cemented the country’s long-term foreign-currency Issuer Default Rating (IDR) “at ‘A+’ with a stable outlook.” In this article, we will show how this confirms the strength of the Malta economy.

The Malta Economy Receives Top Marks

Fitch Ratings explains the rationale behind its A+ rating. One of the factors was a “strong growth trajectory”. The Maltese economy increased 5.6% in 2023. This saw it accelerate past Fitch’s September prediction of 3.5% and eurozone’s 0.4% expansion.

The Malta economy, Fitch predicts, will continue to grow. The American credit rating agency estimates a 4.1% growth spurt this year. Looking forward to 2025, Fitch expects a 3.7% swell.

RIF Trust Responds to the News

Ryan Darmanin, Latitude Malta Managing Partner, has seen the economy of Malta grow firsthand. The Latitude Group is our parent company.

“GoT put Malta on the map for a new generation,” explains Darmanin. “And the legendary director Ridley Scott has kept it there by filming Napoleon and Gladiator 2 here.”

“Scott shot some of the most memorable scenes of the original Gladiator in Malta. This boosts tourism as cinema buffs want to see filming locations. More tourists bolster the economy.”

“A byproduct of the extra tourism is a knock-on effect on Maltese Residency and Citizenship by Investment. Once you’ve visited Malta for the first time, you quickly develop a taste for the country. You want to return as soon as possible, and, quite often, on a more permanent basis.”

“This is where the Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP) and Maltese Exceptional Investor Naturalization (MEIN) can help. They are your routes to Maltese residency or citizenship in Malta.”

How is the Malta economy doing?

How to Secure Maltese Residency or Citizenship by Investment

RIF Trust, in the form of Latitude Malta, has a Maltese office with experienced investment migration staff. We can expertly guide you through applying for both the MPRP and MEIN. So, don’t delay and contact RIF Trust today.

Fitch Ratings Report Underlines Strength of the Malta Economy

Date: 19 March, 2024

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