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Europe, Events, News feed Date: 02 June, 2023

Greece Golden Visa Grace Period Continues

Greece Golden Visa Grace Period Continues

Back in January, we informed you about how the cost of a Greek Golden Visa would rise in Greece. As we explained, the Greek Government restricted the increase to specific areas. They also outlined a transition period which allowed you to put down a deposit to secure the Golden Visa at the existing price of €250,000.

The Greek Golden Visa Current Price Continues

The minimum requirements of the Greek Golden Visa Programme were raised from a €250,000 property purchase to a €500,000 real estate acquisition. However, the Greek Government first limited this price increase to 36 municipalities. 28 are in Greater Athens, six in Greater Thessaloniki, and two in touristy Mykonos and Santorini. 

They then stipulated that provided you made a 10% deposit of the property investment by April 30th, 2023, you would need to pay no more than €250,000 on a real estate transaction in any area throughout Greece. The Hellenic Parliament has since extended this deadline to July 31st.

10 Years of Freedom of Movement

The first Greece Golden Visa was issued in 2013. It is a family-friendly programme which allows you to bring dependents with you. You can live in Greece and travel freely across the European Schengen Area without a visa.

Compared to some other countries, this Greek Residency by Investment (RBI) Programme is still low with the Spain Golden Visa starting from €500,000 and the Portugal Golden Visa starting from €280,000.

Go With the Flow

Despite a surge in interest given the advertised price increase, processing times have not increased much with only an additional one to two months.

Seize the Moment

We urge you not to miss out on the lower Greece Golden Visa price.  

Contact us today without delay.

Greece Golden Visa Grace Period Continues

Date: 02 June, 2023

Posted in: Europe, Events, News feed