The Henry Acronym and How It Applies to Investment Migration
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Caribbean, Europe, News feed Date: 21 June, 2024

The Henry Acronym And Its Relation to Investment Migration

The Henry Acronym And Its Relation to Investment Migration

Meet Henry. Henry is not a person but rather terminology for a social grouping, business jargon coined in America that is slowly but surely spreading across the world. In this article, we will show how the Henry acronym applies to investment migration.

What Does the Henry Acronym Mean?

The Henry acronym is an amalgamation of the 5 following words:

  1. High
  2. Earner
  3. Not
  4. Rich
  5. Yet

However, it’s more commonly used to describe 2 interconnecting phrases:

  1. High Earner
  2. Not Rich Yet

The term originates in a 2003 Fortune article penned by Shawn Tully. Henry made a late entrance to a story about the Alternative Maximum Tax (AMT). Ostensibly though, this op-ed is a Dear Henry letter.

As Tully writes: “You account for a large portion of America’s most ambitious, productive people–you are executives, law firm partners, airline pilots, doctors. You’re not poor, of course. Even in places like New York City and San Francisco and Chicago, an income in the low to mid-six figures is hardly poor. But with high taxes and the all-around high cost of living, you certainly don’t feel rich either. Most of you are “Henrys”: High Earners Not Rich Yet.”

How Does Henry Relate to Investment Migration?

It’s more than 20 years on from Taxpayer, Beware! Washington will soon be taking back a good chunk of that new tax cut. How? By using the sneakiest trap it’s got: the Alternative Minimum Tax. In Tully’s original piece, he cites a real-life Henry, the 50something Bill Simmelink, a divorced engineer. These days, Henry has changed somewhat and is typically aged between late 20s and early 40s.

Investment migration is popular amongst High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs). However, while the earnings of Henrys may be high, their net worth isn’t. Let’s consider some programmes that may be suitable to them.

Residency by Investment ties in with those categorized the Henry acronym being wary of dipping too heavily into their savings. This range of investment migration programmes starts at €150,000 and offers the chance to diversify and make potential tax savings.

The two lowest-priced of these will appeal most to Henry’s, namely the Anguilla Residency by Investment Programme and the Malta Permanent Residence Programme.

Citizenship by Investment isn’t out of reach of Henrys either and can help them get to a higher strata. Caribbean Citizenship by Investment, where you have to invest at least €100,000, could be your gateway to 0% personal income tax.

Henrys, beware however, that you’re going to have to throw your natural caution to the wind as this minimum investment will double if you don’t apply before the end of June 2024.

When Henry Met RIF Trust

“We’ve all met a Henry,” claims our Executive Chairman, Eric Major. “Perhaps you encounter one daily, when you look in the bathroom mirror.”

“So, yes, I have had many clients who are Henrys. For me, though, the Henry acronym defines the very essence of investment migration. It’s all about striving to be better, to continue climbing, to get safely ahead.”

“Henrys are not standing still. They are looking to get a further foothold in life. And Citizenship by Descent, Residency by Investment, and Citizenship by Investment can help them establish themselves even more.”

Find out the meaning of the Henry acronym.

Calling All Henrys

Is there a Henry in your life? Is it you? To better understand the investment migration solutions to your problems, you should get in touch with a leader in the field such as RIF Trust. So, don’t delay and contact us today.

The Henry Acronym And Its Relation to Investment Migration

Date: 21 June, 2024

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