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News feed Date: 22 November, 2023

How to Get Turkey Citizenship in 2024

How to Get Turkey Citizenship in 2024

“Turkish Citizenship Is a Hot Commodity” screams a Wall Street Journal headline from September 8, 2023. This article by Kristin Surak saw the Citizenship by Investment academic reveal that Türkiye “accounts for around half of all CBI naturalizations.” Here, to talk Turkey citizenship with us is our very own Tolga Duruman.

1.) Tolga, we’ve always known the country as Turkey but the UN now recognizes it as Türkiye. When was the name changed and why?

“This was a request that was made for a long time by the Turkish government. So they wrote a letter to the UN General Secretary.”

“Since 2021, international platforms have increasingly been using Türkiye, I was born and raised in Türkiye. This has been the name of my country since we declared independence in 1923.”

2.) Apologies, Tolga, if we’re being culturally insensitive. However, for the benefit of our readers, let’s talk about “Turkey citizenship”. What are the routes available to acquire it?

“Well, the quickest path to Turkey citizenship, as you call it, is to be born Turkish. Like me. You can also become Turkish by marriage, through employment, and via naturalization. But an increasingly popular way to Turkish nationality, as Kristin Surak reports, is to invest in citizenship.”

3.) Let’s focus on Citizenship by Investment. Can you tell us more about who is eligible?

“Turkish Citizenship by Investment is open to foreign entrepreneurs who first obtain a residence permit. This enables them to apply for citizenship on the strength of establishing themselves in Türkiye. You cannot become a Turkish citizen if authorities believe you pose a threat to national security or public order.”

4.) What are the investments involved?

“The main investment option is to buy real estate worth at least $400,000 and keep it for at least three years. Properties have to be new builds or belong to developments under construction.”

“Alternative options include creating at least 50 jobs. In addition, you can deposit a minimum of $500,000 in a Turkish government bank for no less a period than three years. You’re not allowed to touch the money during that period but will receive any interest generated.”

5.) Tell us about the application process and when you can expect to receive your citizenship.

“The application process is relatively straightforward. You and your dependants, including your spouse and children up to the age of 18, will receive “Turkey citizenship” in approximately four to six months.”

“After naturalizing as a citizen by investment, you can apply for a Turkish passport which allows visa-free access to over 110 countries. This increases global mobility for you and your family.”

Tolga Duruman, one of RIF Trust's experienced investment migration professionals, offers Turkey citizenship advice.

Is Turkey Citizenship For You?

Tolga Doruman outlines the broad route to Turkish Citizenship by Investment. But if you want to get more specific, our team of specialist investment migration consultants are ready, willing, and able to guide your path to a Turkish passport. So, don’t delay and contact RIF Trust today.

How to Get Turkey Citizenship in 2024

Date: 22 November, 2023

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