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Europe, News feed Date: 20 December, 2018

Latitude’s guide to education and residency in Ireland

Latitude’s guide to education and residency in Ireland

For successful investors and entrepreneurs looking for alternative residency, Ireland continues to grow in popularity.

Located at the western edge of the European Union, Ireland is at the heart of Europe’s technology industry, boasting the fastest growing economy in the Eurozone. Irish residents benefit from this booming tech scene, along with access to a state-of-the-art health care system and world leading educational institutions.

Prestigious private education

Dom Barnes, Latitude’s lead consultant for the programme, believes the quality of education is a particularly important benefit of gaining residency in Ireland:

“Ireland’s private education system is steeped in prestige, and its public universities all rank within the top 5% globally. The high level of education that Irish-based students receive sets them up for a lifetime of success.”

Dom has successfully advised many families applying for the Irish Immigrant Investor Visa Programme (IIIP), and recommended a number of educational institutions to those with children. Here are five of Dom’s recommended private schools and universities in Ireland.

Top Irish private boarding schools

The IIIP requires applicants to make just one visit to Ireland per year. Many people granted residency in Ireland choose to send their children to boarding schools, allowing the parents to remain in their home country for most of the year whilst the children are educated in Ireland.

Blackrock College, Dublin
Founded in 1830, Blackrock College is a prestigious boys only private school located just outside Ireland’s capital city, Dublin. The college is renowned for producing some of Ireland’s most successful men, including six-time Prime Minister of Ireland Eamon de Valera, famous musician Bob Geldof and a handful of Ireland’s highest achieving sports stars.

All of Blackrock’s classes are conducted in English and follow the Irish curriculum. Boarding is available seven days a week for boys aged 12-19. Extra-curricular activities include sport, music, theatre, public speaking and social outreach.

Alexandra College, Dublin
Alexandra College is a well-respected girls only school for students aged 3-18. The college consistently ranks amongst the top 15 schools in Ireland, and many of Ireland’s most influential women have passed through its doors.

Classes at Alexandra College are taken in English and follow the Irish curriculum. The college is set on a vast 12 acre campus, with an outstanding variety of facilities including state-of-the-art gymnasiums, science labs and boarding facilities.

Cistercian College, County Tipperary
Cistercian College is a Roman Catholic boys only school with an outstanding reputation, both in Ireland and abroad. The college is located in the Irish countryside, surrounded by green fields and fresh air. Cistercian’s academic record is outstanding: it is one of only six schools in Ireland to achieve 100% university entrance over multiple years.

Cistercian College has a long history of welcoming international students, with 15% of current pupils from outside of Ireland. China, Russia and Spain are all well represented at Cistercian.

World-leading Irish Universities

Trinity College, Dublin
Trinity College is Ireland’s most prestigious university. Ireland’s brightest students have been educated here from as far back as 1592, and the university is one of the seven ‘Ancient Universities’ of the UK and Ireland.

Trinity College is world-renowned for its engineering and science faculties, producing many of the country’s most respected research professionals. International students are warmly received at Trinity College, with 122 nationalities currently represented.

University College Dublin
University College Dublin (UCD) is Ireland’s largest university, with almost 33,000 students. UCD boasts state-of-the-art facilities, as well as a diverse range of academic programmes and courses. The university is made up of multiple faculties and campuses located throughout Dublin’s lively Central Business District and surrounding areas.

Academically UCD consistently ranks amongst the top 200 universities in the world, and is considered Ireland’s second most prestigious public university.

More information about the Irish Immigrant Investor Visa Programme (IIIP)

Access to Ireland’s education system is just one of the major benefits afforded to families who are granted residency status via the IIIP.

The IIIP offers investors, their spouses and their children the opportunity to live, work, study and gain residency status in Ireland in return for an approved investment starting at €500,000.

Benefits of the IIIP include:

  • Live, work & study in Ireland
  • Access comprehensive healthcare
  • Attractive tax structures
  • A route to Irish and European citizenship after five years

For more information about the Irish Immigrant Investor Visa Programme visit our solution page, or contact Dom Barnes using our contact form.

Latitude’s guide to education and residency in Ireland

Date: 20 December, 2018

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