Maltese Citizenship by Investment Grows in 2023
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Europe, News feed Date: 19 January, 2024

Maltese Citizenship by Investment Grows in 2023

Maltese Citizenship by Investment Grows in 2023

Maltese Citizenship by Investment remains a popular gateway to a new passport. Maltese Exceptional Investor Naturalization, also known as MEIN, not only preserved its appeal but also witnessed notable growth. This article shares the statistics that underline MEIN’s success story in 2023.


Maltese Exceptional Investor Naturalization brought in around €1,500 million in 2023. As the only European country to offer Citizenship by Investment, Malta is a CBI stronghold. The country uses this profit to fund projects that benefit the Maltese population.

On Monday, January 8, PN MP Graziella Galea asked a parliamentary question to Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri. She wanted to know how many non-Maltese people received Maltese citizenship in 2023. Camilleri replied with a figure of 2,511.

March was the boom month for new Maltese citizenships, with 298 new citizenships. May came close to matching that figure, with 275 new citizenships. December saw the lowest number of new citizenships, with 90 people acquiring Maltese nationality.

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Ryan Darmanin is our Managing Director in Malta. Based in St. Julian’s, he has hands-on experience in the Maltese archipelago. This means he can comment with local authority on everything MEIN-related.

“There has been a geopolitical shift in interest in Residency and Citizenship by Investment,” reveals Darmanin.  “Talking with clients as a Group, we see them increasingly less interested in Caribbean, North American, and Pacific programmes.” 

“Europe is where it’s at. Our case processing team is anticipating a busy 2024. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Malta, either as a new citizen or resident.”

Maltese Citizenship by Investment FAQ

1.) How much does Maltese citizenship cost?

If you obtain citizenship after electing a 12-month residence period, you need to make a government contribution of €750,000. Alternatively, you can elect a 36-month residence period, whereby the government contribution shall be €600,000. 

You also need to have a residential address in Malta, either by purchasing residential real estate worth at least €700,000 or you can rent a residential property for at least €16,000 a year. 

2.) Can you buy Maltese citizenship?

Yes, you can. MEIN is a process under which you can acquire Citizenship by Investment. In fact, it’s the only CBI in Europe.

3.) How long does it take to get Maltese citizenship?

Because of the due diligence Malta applies, you have to plan to apply for Maltese Citizenship by Investment step by step. 

If you choose RIF Trust as advisors, the first month would see us onboard you as a client. Months 2-3 sees you apply for residency and obtain a residence.

It’s not until Months 4-5 that you can apply for citizenship. By around Months 10-12, your family receives an Approval in Principle, after which you are invited to fulfill the government contribution. Months 16-18 is when you take the Oath of Allegiance and can apply for a Maltese passport.

4.) Can you elaborate on the due diligence process and its importance in the MEIN application?

The due diligence process is crucial to the MEIN application, ensuring credibility. This thorough procedure includes extensive background checks on applicants, assessing criminal records, financial history, and business reputation. It also verifies the legitimacy of the applicant’s wealth sources. 

This rigorous scrutiny, in line with global standards, ensures only individuals with high integrity are admitted, safeguarding Malta’s reputation and conforming to international anti-money laundering practices.

Maltese Citizenship by Investment is a growth industry.

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Maltese Citizenship by Investment Grows in 2023

Date: 19 January, 2024

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