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Latitude & RIF Trust Announces Ground-breaking Merger

Latitude & RIF Trust Announces Ground-breaking Merger

Latitude Consultancy is a leading British firm in the Investment Migration industry which offers industry-leading insight and expertise to private clients and governments. Beyond its growing private client practice, Latitude also provides government advisory services, helping countries attract these global elites and their capital to their shores. With the support of its international partners and institutional relationships, Latitude provides genuinely innovative products, competitively priced services and customer-driven, hands-on delivery.

About RIF Trust: Founded in the financial heart of Dubai, RIF TRUST was born from the need to extend the benefits of freedom of international travel as well as asset optimization for High Net-worth Individuals. The company only offers programs that are supported by governments, and we deal with such governmental partners directly, without intermediaries. Visit www.riftrust.com for more information.

About Latitude Consultancy: LATITUDE brings the combined experience of its Founders, who collectively have over 75 years of achievements in the Investment Migration industry, to the benefit of its private-clients and governmental partners. The senior management of LATITUDE has been advising on residency and citizenship programs for over 20 years and has been involved in the set-up, operationalisation and international launch of some of the leading residence and citizenship-by-investment programs in the world. Visit www.latitudeworld.com for more information.