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Caribbean, News feed Date: 21 February, 2022

Vanuatu Citizenship-by-Investment Programme Alternatives

Vanuatu Citizenship-by-Investment Programme Alternatives

There are many incentives to investing in second citizenship, such as access to visa-free travel or for tax-relief purposes. Of the many citizenship-by-investment options available, you will discover that Vanuatu citizenship offers an ideal range of benefits such as short processing time and low upfront investment requirements.

Despite recent discussions from the European Commission regarding the Golden Passports scheme, Vanuatu’s citizenship-by-investment option continues to remain ever-popular with HNWIs wishing to gain from the investment in a second citizenship. 

At RIF Trust, we understand that it’s important for you to have a complex understanding of the citizenship-by-investment programme options available in order to make an informed decision about any investment.

Although Vanuatu citizenship has a number of advantages, Latitude offers a variety of alternative citizenship-by-investment options which, depending on your’ specific requirements, may be preferable. Below, we have selected some alternative favourable citizenship-by-investment options, which offer similar benefits to that of the Vanuatu Citizenship-by-Investment Programme.

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment

Antigua and Barbuda citizenship has an attractive climate for both people and tax. Impressively, the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship offers visa-free travel to 150 countries, as opposed to 130 countries gained with Vanuatu citizenship. These countries include the EU Schengen Area, the UK, South Africa, Hong Kong, and Singapore. 

The investment comparison is close, with Antigua and Barbuda citizenship requiring a minimum donation to the National Development fund of $100,000 for a family of up to four with a government fee of $30,000. For families, this is one of the most cost-effective options available in the market place.

With regards to tax, Antigua citizenship offers the benefit of no capital gains tax, inheritance tax or tax on foreign income.

Those investing in second citizenship may also be considering adding family members to the application in order for them to benefit from visa-free travel. Conveniently, the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship option includes up to a family of four, with further options available for families of six or more. You can even add an adult sibling to your application without the need for them to be classified as ‘dependant’.

In addition, with 365 beaches Antigua and Barbuda is an excellent location to buy a second home in a tropical and breath-taking setting. 

The application time is slightly longer than that of Vanuatu citizenship, taking on average 12-16 weeks.

Learn more about the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship-by-Investment Programme. 

Dominica Citizenship by Investment

The Dominica Citizenship-by-Investment programme offers advantages to rival the Vanuatu citizenship option. Dominica citizenship gives access to visa-free travel to 140 other nations, plus it permits travel within the 15 member states – the freedom to travel for either business or pleasure is enormous. 

Investment as a single applicant requires $100,000, plus additional fees. Alternatively, for an applicant with up to three qualifying dependents it is $200,000.

As with the Vanuatu Citizenship option, those investing in Dominica citizenship can enjoy no tax on income, wealth or inheritance. 

Application time for the Dominica citizenship option is on average a four-month processing time, which is comparable with the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship application. 

Learn more about the Dominica Citizenship-by-Investment Programme

St Lucia Citizenship by Investment

Those seeking a second passport and citizenship could be influenced into investing in the St Lucia Citizenship programme. Similarly, gaining St Lucia citizenship gains you visa-free travel to 145 countries, including the EU Schengen Area, UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore. 

As with the Dominica Citizenship option, it is $100,000 for single applicants with a similar amount of additional government processing fees. Should you wish to include families on the application, the lowest donation would be $150,000 and includes up to four people, including the main applicant. 

The St Lucia Citizenship-by-Investment programme also offers a government bond option which starts from $250,000 in non-interest bearing bonds that must be held for a minimum of five years. 

The average processing time for a St Lucia Citizenship-by-Investment application is four months. 

Learn more about the St. Lucia Citizenship-by-Investment Programme. 

Citizenship-by-Investment Programmes

Interested in learning more about the Vanuatu Citizenship-by-Investment programme, or any of the comparable options available? Contact us today to book a complimentary and comprehensive consultation with one of our expert citizenship advisors. 

Vanuatu Citizenship-by-Investment Programme Alternatives

Date: 21 February, 2022

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