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Canada Residency

Canadian residency is one of the most sought-after visas in the world. Residents are entitled to live, work and study in the country, benefitting from a high standard of living, fantastic educational institutions and lucrative business opportunities.

Canadian residency is a recognised step towards obtaining a very powerful Canadian passport and being granted citizenship. 

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Germany Residency

German residency gives investors the opportunity to live, work and study in the economic powerhouse of the Euro Zone.

Germany is famous for its engineering prowess and business efficiency, and its residents reap the benefits of nationwide industry infrastructure, world class health care and a pro-business government

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Latvia Residency

Latvian residents have freedom of movement throughout the Schengen Area, granting them access to travel flexibility, business opportunity and education for children and young adults.

Latvia is home to wide open beaches as well as huge, unspoilt forests. Latvian residency is affordable, and there's no requirement to permanently relocate to the region. 

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Monaco Residency

Monaco Residence Permit holders are free to live and work in one of the world’s most sought-after cities.

For over 100 years the residents of Monaco have benefitted from a favourable tax structure that doesn’t require them to pay any capital gains tax or personal income tax.

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New Zealand Residence

New Zealand is a naturally beautiful country that supports entrepreneurial activity and has a very strong economy. It is easier to start business in New Zealand than anywhere in the world.

This advanced first-world country is often voted the most attractive place in the world to live and raise a family. 

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United Arab Emirates Residency

Obtaining residency in the United Arab Emirates gives holders the opportunity to live in a flourishing business hub where the quality of life is unrivalled.

With low presence requirements and fast-track applications, residency in the UAE is a fantastic asset for people doing business in the region.

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United Kingdom Residency

Residency in the UK gives investors access to to a world of exclusive benefits, including excellent educational institutions, lucrative business opportunities and one of the best free medical services in the world.

Diverse, multicultural cities are spread across the UK, providing families with an incredibly high standard of living. 

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United States of America Residency

Residency in the USA is the ultimate opportunity to realise the American dream.

In return for a business investment that creates US jobs, investors and their families can be issued green cards enabling them to live, work and study in one of the most prosperous countries in the world.

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