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Latitude in the news Date: 17 March, 2020

RIF Trust Features in Khaleej Times Special Issue

RIF Trust Features in Khaleej Times Special Issue

RIF Trust features in an article about the most popular EU residency programmes. This appears in a leading daily newspaper in the UAE, Khaleej Times.

Greek and Portuguese Golden Visas Are Increasingly Popular Among the Middle East’s Wealthy Elite

RIF Trust, one of the leading global investment migration advisories in the Middle East & Africa, has been successfully assisting over 1,000 investors & their families seeking Citizenship and Residency by Investment Programmes (RIP) over the last eight years. Most recently, they have seen an increase in demand for EU residency, and later citizenship, from High Net Worth Individuals in the Middle East.

“EU residency allows an applicant and their family to study or live full time in the country where the visa was obtained and enjoy visa-free travel to all 26 of the EU Schengen countries. In particular, the Greece and Portugal RIPs are the most popular and cost-effective options”, stated David Regueiro, COO of RIF Trust.

Greece Golden Visa Programme

Since 2012, the Greek RIP has granted over 13,000 golden visas making it the most popular residency programme in the world.

For EUR 250,000, Greek permanent residency can be obtained in three months granting an applicant and their family access to the EU’s Schengen countries. Unlike other RIPs, upon approval applicants will immediately receive permanent residency. After seven years it is possible to apply for EU citizenship.

Many real estate investors are taking advantage of the booming real estate market, often referred to as the “real estate paradise of Europe” and investing in stunning properties in Athens or the Greek Islands, where RIF Trust’s local team will guide clients.

Portugal Golden Visa Programme

In 2019 alone, Portugal successfully processed 1,245 applicants, with this number growing each year. This is the EU’s simplest residence programme that leads to citizenship.

Starting from EUR 280,000, the Portugal programme also grants EU Schengen visa-free access for the applicant and their family with EU citizenship available after only five years.

RIF Trust proudly offers real estate investors two attractive options: a relaxing boutique resort for EUR 280,000 in the Algarve and a luxurious & chic hotel in Porto for EUR 350,000.

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RIF Trust Features in Khaleej Times Special Issue

Date: 17 March, 2020

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