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Leila Bagheri

Citizenship & Residency Director

Leila joined RIF Trust in 2019. Prior to this, she was a Visa Officer at Dubai’s US Consulate where she vetted applications from a pool made up of over 120 nationalities. Leila’s duties included communicating with Washington, D.C. as part of due diligence, to weed out impostors, and processing applications.

At the consulate, Leila established herself as a highly-valued professional. The Bureau of Consular Affairs recognized her extraordinary management skills with a “Leadership Award”. Leila also received a “Meritorious Honor Award” in recognition of her outstanding performance.

The awards have not stopped since Leila’s switch to RIF Trust. Her excellence in ensuring quality service for clients, specifically Farsi-speaking clientele, saw Leila win “Sales Star Award 2021”. She followed this up with “Sales Achievement Award 2022”.


BA (Business Administration)